The 2017 Ulster Quadcross & Sidecarcross Championship saw history made on the slick hard pack of Seaforde during the Mourne Clubs excellent promotion of round 5 where Ravarnet woman Emma McQuaid raced to the win in the opening race to become the first female winner of an Ulster or Irish Premier Quad Race, and she topped that later in the day by taking to overall to become the first female to win an overall as well.

Emma McQuaid

After finishing second fastest to top qualifier Navan’s Leon Rodgers by 6/100 of a second, she stormed to a first race win followed by reigning Irish & Ulster Champion Comber’s Justin Reid by over a second, third was Cork man Kyle Murphy making the long trip worthwhile, while Championship leader Limavady man Michael McAneney finished 11th his worst result this season, and David Cowan from Banbridge lost a wheel when his axle snapped to put him out of the running too.

Race 2 saw Cowan triumph over Rodgers and McAneney with Emma fifth, 8 seconds covered the top six in this race, while Race 3 saw a red flag on the first lap while Jonny McKnight was attended too after a high speed crash, the restart saw another win for Cowan, Rodgers second again, and Emma third, Reid was fourth Sean Goss fifth, and McAneney 9th, his worst overall this year.

This all left Emma McQuaid on the top step with a 3 point advantage over Justin Reid, with David Cowan third.

Going to the last round at Tandragee next month, McAneney leads Reid by 73 points with 75 available in the Ulster Championships, it would seem it’s Michaels Championship to lose. In the Irish Reid leads McAneney by 60 points.

(See results at end of article)


The Sidecarcross crews was as expected a two horse race, but Neil Campbell & Craig Parmenter, the Lisburn based crew once on their WSP Zabel outfit had the share of bad luck this time out instead of Gary Moulds and Steve Kirwin on their VMC KTM outfit. The race had to be restarted after a nasty first corner crash eliminated Dean Faulkner & Gordon Ringland when their outfit over turned.

Race 1 saw Campbell & Parmenter lead from gate drop to flag drop, but Moulds & Kirwin were always close behind, the trace for third was livened up by Emma Moulds & Niki Adair on their VMC KTM struggling to come to terms with the reversed direction track having to come through from seventh to third at the fall of the flag, leaving Dromore based crew Jonathan Wilson & Louise Houston to pick another good result.

Neil Campbell & Craig Parmenter lead Gary Moulds & Steve Kirwin

Race two took on a familiar pattern with Campbell & Parmenter leading Moulds and Kirwin for two laps, until the big Zabel broke it’s gearbox leaving Campbell to finish over two third of the race in second gear, bravely struggling on to hold onto second place, with the Ingram cousins Jeff & David taking third just ahead of a recovering Emma & Niki.

Race 3 was once again the big decider, but going over the hill just after the start, the newly installed replacement Zabel coughed and Campbell re appeared in last place, then, just after the finish jump, the big two stroke stopped, however after a quick investigation, she was off and running again, in the rush to change the engine, the choke had been left on unkown to the crew, but they treated the crowd to a master class in riding, fighting through to a fantastic fourth behind Emma & Niki & the Ingrams, claiming third on the podium after the Moulds siblings, and leaving him leading the Ulster Champiosnhip by 19 points, and Gary Moulds leading the Irish by 54.

Sidecarcross racing is fast becoming a must watch race with battles all through the pack, it’s great to see the sport growing and developing so well.

Clubman Quads

Clubman Quads race 1 was a real battle this year with Hillsborough based British Junior Champion Dean Dillon, battling on his 250 machine against the 450 machinery of Stephen Mulholland and Conor Canning once again, just losing out to Canning and Mulholland ,while race 2 saw Dillon take the win over Canning & Kyle Orr, and the Hillsborough teenager showed his class once again with a win in race 3 over Canning & Mulholland, an impressive feat on a 250 round the fast Seaforde circuit, Dillon & Canning are tied on points going to Tandragee in the Ulster while Dillon has clinched the Irish already over Tommy O’Donnell.

Michael McAneney

In the Youth Classes, the biggest capacity class for up to 250cc machines Jack Young dominated the day with three wins from three starts with Stuart McMullen second overall with two seconds and a fourth, and Jamie Quinn third, this leaves Jack Young leading McMullen going into the last round.

In the 100cc Class, Andrew Black took the overall win with Mark Mulholland second and Luke Dillon third, with Ross Dillon fourth taking a win as well as Mulholland and Black in this highly competitive quick and noisy class, although the Championship is down to Ross Dillon and Black at Tandragee.

Travis Toye

In the 50cc Automatic Class, Travis Toye dominated all three races once again, second was Blake Orr third Freddie Williamson and fourth Jacob Glenn

A fantastic days entertainment well run by the Mourne Club


Ulster Sidecarcross Championship

  1. Gary Moulds & Steve Kirwin 72,
  2. 2 Neil Campbell & Craig Parmenter 65,
  3. 3. Emma Moulds & Niki Adair 60
  4. 4. Geoff & David Ingram 56,
  5. 5. Jonathan Wilson & Louise Houston 49,
  6. 6. David McCourt & Andy McKibben 45

Ulster Premier Quads

  1. Emma McQuaid 61,
  2. 2. Justin Reid 58,
  3. 3. David Cowan 50,
  4. 4 Sean Goss 45,
  5. 5. Leon Rodgers 44,
  6. 6. Blake McCormick 42.

Ulster Clubman Quads

  1. Dean Dillon 70,
  2. 2. Connor Canning 69,
  3. 3. Stephen Mulholland 56,
  4. 4. Sean Cassidyl 50,
  5. 5. Michael Boyle 48,
  6. 6. Kyle Orr 47