One of the Outreach Groups facilitated by Head Injury Support, Newry.
One of the Outreach Groups facilitated by Head Injury Support, Newry.

Head Injury Support Newry delighted to offer additional new supports to survivors of an acquired brain injury and their carers.

Head Injury Support commissioned by the SHSCT are delighted to announce that Sinead Bradley will be their new Family Support Worker working to support survivor and carers with a brain injury across the Southern Trust Area. Her role will be to provide additional supports to both survivors and carers.

Our new programme of support (affectionately known as ‘Company, craic and cake!) will see our existing Outreach Support sessions move to weekly sessions. This was in direct response to requests from the members who valued the fortnightly group so highly.

Sinead Bradley is the new Family Support Worker
Sinead Bradley is the new Family Support Worker

For survivors who attend our Outreach sessions:

  • Craft and other activities games and fun
  • Opportunity for holistic therapies
  • To explore the idea of having a night out together

For carers in Outreach areas:                                  

Sinead really wants to link in with you!

She will be offering:

  • home visits to ask and listen to carers – what would make a difference to your life and how best to meet these needs
  • to bring and introduce new survivors and carers to the group they wish to attend
  • to bring carers together to socialise over tea and craic, you tell us where and when; to have groups or individuals come along to provide information sessions e.g. Citizens Advice on PIPs
  • to explore the idea of having a night out at the weekend with other carers and their partners to build up a mutual network of support

Contact Sinead on 077 1848 9833 from 9am to 4pm Monday to Thursday or please leave a message for her at our office number 028 3083 3728.

The Armagh Outreach Support Group
The Armagh Outreach Group

See what those that matter have to say about the support they are currently benefiting from:

“My son always looks forward to going to the group, to meet the staff and other people like him. He really needs this support.” Mum

“Rose is enjoying connecting with people and it has definitely helped with social isolation, she has somewhere to go and be listened to and tell her story to. We both loved the mini-break away with Head Injury Support.” Husband

‘It’s good for us to have some space, as their husband and carer we both benefit from this.” Husband and carer

“He can be quite demanding at home with only me. I would want more of it.” Mum

“My husband enjoys the activities, craic and banter with friends at the Armagh group. It is great peace of mind for me knowing that he is in safe hands and being cared for. When he is away for a few hours I can go else where myself.” Wife

“It provides some respite for Mum and Dad as they care for my brother 24/7.” Sister

“My wife enjoys the craft activities and always comes home and tells us about the craic with friends and staff. Attending the group has certainly improved her mental health as she has come out of herself and become more talkative. It is also good to get a few hours to myself too and I am content that she is with great staff.” Husband

“My son really enjoys attending the group and looks forward to each session. He enjoys the craic and making new crafts. He brings home his items with pride and is full of stories about his day. We need more of it.” Mum

“Meeting up with new people and finding out what they have come through. She has a better perspective on her own problems and also is a bit more upbeat after attending.” Husband