Alan Knox and Cliff Coulter
Newly appointed President of Kilkeel Chamber of Commerce Alan Knox (right) with outgoing President Cliff Coulter (left)

President Alan Knox is still in his twenties, but has just been elected as the youngest ever member to hold the top position in the Kilkeel Chamber of Commerce.

Alan’s appointment reflects the exciting and progressive new era of development for the Kingdom of Kilkeel… the historic capital for the majestic Mourne mountains in Co. Down.

Earlier this summer the people of Mourne welcomed the world-wide news that the Queen had bestowed the new title ‘Baron Harry and Baroness Megan of Kilkeel’ … as a gift on the day of their wedding.

Positive Change

On taking up his new role Alan says that in his term as President, he looks to share and support the fresh outward looking global goals and vision of  “People working together “…now being promoted in their travels and worldwide charity work by Baron Harry and Baroness Megan. By “People working together” for the good of everyone … we can create a healthy and prosperous new future for the whole community.

This new era of positive change can clearly be seen by the many new projects already underway in the Kilkeel area … these include, an innovative proposal to expand the harbour in Kilkeel so that it can welcome ocean cruise liners, the launch of the new Carlingford Scenic Ferry which now opens up a direct road link with Dublin and the South, the opening of the new Creative Hub for young business entrepreneurs and the opening of the new locally produced arts and artisan food shop, all located in the new ‘Made in Mourne’ centre in Kilkeel.

Alan says that many more imaginative projects are being planned for the future, all co-ordinated by an exciting new team of people who all share the new vision of working together.


Alan Knox was educated in Kilkeel High School and then graduated in Economics and Marketing at Dundee University. He spent time working abroad in sales and the retail sector, returning home to set up a new online  E-Commerce division within the family business – James Knox & Sons Kilkeel, who have successfully traded across the generations for almost seventy years in the retail furnishings, hardware and building supplies sectors. Alan says he loves living in the Mourne area as it is the perfect location for his passion of all outdoor adventure sports including kayaking.

Outgoing President Cliff Coulter, who has run a successful retail business for over thirty years in Kilkeel, congratulated Alan Knox on his appointment as the youngest ever President in the history of the Kilkeel Chamber of Commerce. Cliff said that he hoped Alan’s appointment would offer encouragement to many new and younger people to join the Chamber, to help   expand and develop a vibrant new trading and shopping environment for Kilkeel.

Kilkeel Chamber of Commerce

If you require any further information or are interested in joining the Kilkeel Chamber of Commerce please contact:

Alan Knox
President Kilkeel Chamber of Commerce
C/o James Knox & Sons Ltd
T: 028 4176 2373