Advice on buying a healthy, happy puppy, how to care for your dog

DAERA publishes new guide for buying a dog 

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has published a new guide to help anyone who is thinking of becoming a dog owner.

The guide provides advice on buying a healthy, happy puppy, how to care for your dog and reminds you of your legal requirements as a dog owner.

It is in two parts – part one covers a range of topics, including, research before you buy, finding the right breed for you and understanding dog behaviour. Part two sets out the legal responsibilities of dog owners, such as licensing, how to keep your dog under proper control and how to meet its welfare needs

Encouraging everyone considering buying a puppy or getting a new dog, Jackie Robinson Director of Animal Health and Welfare Policy at DAERA said: “Please think very carefully and do some research before you buy a puppy. Make sure you use a responsible breeder who will have ensured that your puppy has had the best start in life. This is important, because how puppies have been bred and raised can have a lifelong effect.

Buying and Caring for a Puppy

“A poorly bred and raised puppy could mean that you become the owner of a puppy that is very sick or that has been traumatised. This means you’ll have to deal with these problems and their associated costs.

“Think also about your legal responsibilities as a dog owner, including licensing and microchipping. In Northern Ireland offences under our animal welfare and dog licensing and control laws can attract large fines and even imprisonment.

“Becoming a dog owner is a big step but the advice in our new guide will help you have a healthy, happy dog that will bring joy and companionship for many years.”

You can download the new guide from the DAERA website: